Administrative Areas

Our healthcare offering is strengthened by Herman Miller's systems, storage, furniture, and seating for administrative areas. All offer choice in design, functionality, and cost.

Ambulatory Care

We offer products for waiting rooms, patient and staff areas, offices, and storage areas. Modular solutions can be reconfigured, keeping pace with changes in your center.

Caregiver Work Environments

Our solutions for caregiver work environments address a range of areas and specific functions, yet retain a cohesive look as they extend into adjacent patient and family spaces.

Critical Care

We offer patient room, clinical staff, and guest furnishings and a line of mobile carts that meet the requirements of critical care areas.


Our products stand up to high-traffic, high-treatment EDs. Designed for frequent and thorough cleaning, modular furnishings and carts adapt to changing procedures and processes.


Comfortable, healthful imaging areas can improve productivity and satisfaction. Our flexible solutions can be reconfigured as work styles, staff levels, or equipment requires.


Modular solutions enable the change and improvement labs require. Applications adapt to new equipment and technologies, support specialised processes, and use space efficiently.

Patient Care

Patient care areas present a wide range of needs. Patients and guests want comfort and familiarity; staff require functionality and efficiency.


After initial installation, our interchangeable systems can be reconfigured with the same components to improve work flow and efficiency and reduce errors and bottlenecks.

Surgical Services

Our modular systems build control centers that support collaboration and technology. Mobile carts and lockers with interchangeable components store supplies outside ORs.

Welcoming and Waiting

Our broad range of lounge and waiting room seating offers dimensional choices, bariatric options, healthcare textiles, and aesthetics that fit with multiple interior designs.


Adaptive Environments

Change is constant in healthcare. Our adaptive environments support it, resulting in better outcomes for our customers.

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Healthcare Spaces



The physical environment plays a key role in healthcare. The extent to which a space enables collaboration, focus, and comfort can profoundly impact care quality and patient satisfaction.

Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff have been advancing the performance of healthcare environments for more than 40 years. We create spaces that deliver more – today and into the future.

Research-Based Design

Healthcare environments are complex to plan for and manage. The functional requirements are varied and demanding, and, inherent to the nature of healthcare, the stakes are high.

For over 40 years, Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff have gathered inspiration and insight by spending tens of thousands of hours inside healthcare environments, identifying problems by observing and talking with those who provide and receive care. This discipline has informed the design of industry-defining products, including Co/Struc storage, the Nala patient chair, and Compass – the modular system of flexible and interchangeable components designed for change.



Within a single healthcare facility, there can be many specific environments, each with a unique set of requirements. Herman Miller Healthcare represents a comprehensive product offering for healthcare interiors. Our portfolio spans the continuum of care, from exam spaces and labs to caregiver workstations, patient rooms, and administrative workplaces. With this offering we're uniquely able to help you create a functional and aesthetic experience.